Chemistry - Easily removable material that sticks to skin

Solution 1:

I have an engineering solution for you that bypasses the need to find a chemistry solution.

I'm thinking more along the lines of a sticky polymer sheet that readily sticks to the skin

You want an adhesive bandage. Adhesive bandages are thin, stick to skin, and are easy to remove. In my experience, the less expensive generic brands are both thinner and stickier, so go with a generic brand. If you are worried about the thickness, do not use the central part with the embedded gauze pad. Only use the wings. Use a strong glue to fix your motor to the back of the adhesive wing.

Solution 2:

There are people who need "easily removable material that sticks to skin" virtually every working day, so take a look at what they use:

Makeup artists use a special glue to stick special effects elements like Spock ears to the skin.

The glue is based on mastic, the resin of the mastic tree. So it is mainly a solution of the resin compounds in something like alcohol.

The most difficult problem to solve is finding a glue that is strong, but not harmful to skin - even when using it for a full day.
You can remove mastic glue with a "slightly strong pull". It will hurt the first time if there was hair.

There are also water-soluble skin glues, but as far as I know the mastic based is the strongest of them.
For examples, see Kryolan skin adhesives