Apple - Drag to convert Automator Action into Applescript

In case anyone has this question, I found it, but it only works for recorded actions.

After you Record some clicks or other actions in Automator, they appear in a "Watch Me Do" action. You can then click on and drag an individual action out of that Action and release when the + sign appears. Automator will add a "Run AppleScript" action with the AppleScript that sends the same clicks and key presses to System Events.

You can also simply Copy the action you want, switch over to AppleScript Editor, and paste to get the same code.

Example: "Click Skype in the Dock" Event converts to the following AppleScript:

on run {input, parameters}
    -- Click “Skype” in the Dock.
    delay 7.872251
    set timeoutSeconds to 2.000000
    set uiScript to "click UI Element \"Skype\" of list 1 of application process \"Dock\""
    my doWithTimeout( uiScript, timeoutSeconds )
    return input
end run

on doWithTimeout(uiScript, timeoutSeconds)
    set endDate to (current date) + timeoutSeconds
            run script "tell application \"System Events\"
" & uiScript & "
end tell"
            exit repeat
        on error errorMessage
            if ((current date) > endDate) then
                error "Can not " & uiScript
            end if
        end try
    end repeat
end doWithTimeout

How to convert recorded events in Automator:

Click and event and drag to create a new action Automator converts the event to Applescript