Download MiKTeX + all packages

You can get the installer of the complete MikTeX downloader by choosing either

  • MikTeX 32 bit or
  • MikTeX 64 bit

Once you have finished downloading, you have to run it to bring up the dialog window as follows.

enter image description here

Select download MikTeX and you will be prompted to choose a mirror. After completing the download, you can burn all in a DVD and it is ready to be installed on any Windows machines.

Another option to MikTeX is TeXLive, you can make a mirror in your computer and distribute the mirror to any computers by sharing the LAN or burning it into a DVD. For more detailed explanation on mirroring TeXLive, see my answer.

you can visit the MikTeX homepage, and down portable or DVD from browsering tab. after downloading the portable,you can unzip it to folder such as MikTeX, then launch "miktex-portable.cmd" which would always be in the folder MikTeX, right click on the icon in the windows tray, selecting "MikTeX package manager", the so-called MPM. selecting "edit" then "select installable package" and right click the selections, you will see a plus symbol which means installing selecting packages.

the MiKTeX DVD-R should include all the packages as it says "if you install the basic MiKTeX system, then missing packages can be installed on-the-fly from the DVD-R".