Does Googlebot support TLS v1.2? If not, what will my TLS v1.2-only site look like to it?

Update: As of Jan 30, 2015, Googlebot supports TLS 1.2 . See Post by Google:

Googlebot now supports TLS version 1.2, in addition to previous versions: TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 and SSLv3.

As of September 14th, 2014, the Googlebot does NOT support TLS 1.2. You get notified about 100% inaccessibility and thats it. I am affected by this directly. Using TLS 1.2 SSL enforcement to get on my page.

Here is the proof that Google doesn't like to crawl TLS 1.2 pages as of now:

Google TLS 1.2

Google should be able to handle all versions of SSL/TLS.

The best way to see how Google handles something is via Google Webmaster Tools.

Note: You have to have your site setup in Webmaster Tools for this to work. It's something you should consider anyway.

  1. Go to Webmaster Tools
  2. Select your site
  3. Select Crawl
  4. Select Fetch as Google