Does Google Domains support CNAME-like functionality at the zone apex?

Solution 1:


The full list of records supported by Google Domains can be found at:

There is no 'ALIAS' or 'ANAME' or any other similar pseudo-CNAME supported.

Please note that the type of record mentioned by the Heroku documentation is not an actual CNAME, but rather an A record that is auto-updated to match some arbitrary external A record. Amazon Route 53, as well as several other DNS providers offer this, and call it various things - some call it ALIAS or ANAME etc - but it is not an actual RR type.

Google domains does support a thing called "synthetic records", however AFAIK it would not help you with Heroku.

Solution 2:

No, but you can have Google Domains forward your root domain to your www CNAME.

First create a CNAME in the Custom Records section pointing www to

Then in the Synthetic Records section, choose Subdomain forward, enter @ in the subdomain field and in the Destination URL field.

Save those and you're done.

Solution 3:

Cloudflare ended up working for me (free plan), check out Their onboarding is great, they walk you through changing your nameserver and automatically apply some magic ("CNAME flattening") when you set a CNAME record for the root domain.