Do these file managers warn you when you try to copy files that there isn't enough space for?

This is my experience with Gnome 3.18, it would seem to vary based on desktop environment, i.e. Nautilus does on Gnome and Dolphin does on KDE but not the other way round, best bet is use the file manager that came with your desktop.

With Nautilus, it will warn you first, here is the exact message

enter image description here

For Dolphin, the answer was no, it tried to copy a file larger than the destination, to the destination, it did not even warn me, just stopped as if it had finished, even left the broken file in the folder.

Thunar did warn me first, here is the message

enter image description here

PCman FM did not warn me and the same as Dolphin, just left the broken file on the drive, no error messages.

I am using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with unity 7.4.0 (default) . These are my results :

In Nautilus , It shows warning before copying : enter image description here

Same with Thunar,

enter image description here

But no warning in pcmanfm,

enter image description here

No warning in In dolphin, even in the end!! it just stopps when it realized that there is not enough space.

The other answers reported no warning from Dolphin. They thought that it was because it wasn't running in full KDE.

Edit: @JonasCz gets a warning from Dolphin on KDE 5.

I just tested it out on a Kubuntu 15.10 Live USB (KDE 5).

I copied a 2 GB zero file (created by dd) to a 950 MB USB drive.

Strangely, Dolphin refused to copy the file at all. No error message. Nothing in the command line. Same when run as root.

I even tested with kioclient, KDE's backend for filesystem operations (kioclient copy /test_2gb /media/kubuntu/test_2gb). Immediately exited, no message.

Copying a small file (4 KB), which was within the space limit is fine.

The reason why Dolphin even tried to copy on other DEs is probably because it doesn't use kioclient, but something else.

Possibly related to this bug (still unfixed, reported in 2008): KDE Bugtracker issue #162211.