Do the needful?

Perl, 68 characters

perl -0pe's@((//).*?(\n)|(/\*).*?(\*/))@\2\4 Do the needful \3\5@sg'

This takes some liberties with the specification, and retains the original comment style. This avoids the problem with /* ... */ comments appearing before the end of the line.

No attempt is made to avoid comments within string literals, and no claim is made for the bonus points.


First world anarchy! :)

"you can never have enough needful"

#!perl -p0
sub the { s,(?<=\w)(.*)(\n),$1 // do the needful$2,g }
sub needful { s,//.*\n,\n,g,s,/\*.*?\*/,,msg }

do not do the needful

Python 3.x, regex

Since it's not code golf I didn't fuss about code length. Nothing impressive, but I had fun remembering / relearning regex basics.

import re
import urllib.request as r
def dTN(filename):
    dtn ="(?<=question-hyperlink\">)([A-Za-z \n]*)(?=[?]<)", r.urlopen("").read().decode("utf8")).group(0)
    with open(filename) as f:
        return re.sub(r"//{1}.*", "//{0}".format(dtn), re.sub(r"/\*[A-Za-z \n]*\*/", "// {0}".format(dtn),