Do .rpm files have metadata

Solution 1:

They have lots of metadata. Use -qp to target the package file and --qf to specify which metadata you're interested in.

$ rpm -qp /var/cache/yum/x86_64/16/fedora/packages/db4-4.8.30-3.fc15.i686.rpm --qf "%{name}: %{buildhost}\n"

rpm --querytags will show you the metadata tags.

Solution 2:

To check metadata on windows machine - you will need rpm utility. You can run RPM utility on Windows via Cygwin: - then from cygwin console you can run rpm -qip /path/file.rpm

On centos - rpm -qip /path/file.rpm

Solution 3:

I've forked @Ignacio answer and created oneliner to quickly go over all tags:

rpm -qp package.rpm --qf "$(rpm --querytags | sed -nr 's/(.*)/\1:%{\1}/p' | tr '[:space:]' '\n')"