Do I need to Set-up PTR record in SPF Setting?

Solution 1:

No, it is not necessary. In fact, RFC 7208 states:

5.5. "ptr" (do not use)

This mechanism tests whether the DNS reverse-mapping for <ip> exists and correctly points to a domain name within a particular domain. This mechanism SHOULD NOT be published. See the note at the end of this section for more information.


Note: This mechanism is slow, it is not as reliable as other mechanisms in cases of DNS errors, and it places a large burden on the .arpa name servers. If used, proper PTR records have to be in place for the domain's hosts and the "ptr" mechanism SHOULD be one of the last mechanisms checked. After many years of SPF deployment experience, it has been concluded that it is unnecessary and more reliable alternatives should be used instead. It is, however, still in use as part of the SPF protocol, so compliant check_host() implementations MUST support it.

Solution 2:

Since you state your hosting provider has created the RDNS entry, that is the PTR record. If you are asking whether ptr: is needed in your SPF record, no, there is no particular need for that. If this server has an MX record, you might be better off using

v=spf1 mx -all

which says to include the google spf records, and that you otherwise only allow mailservers listed as MX hosts for your domain to send mail "from" it. Let the other mailserver look up the RDNS entry if it wants.