Do I have any trading cards drops left?

The badge list doesn't show all the games that you've ever received trading cards for. Basically, games will be hidden from that list if:

  • you own none of the cards, and
  • you have no card drops remaining, and
  • you have no recent playtime, and
  • you have not crafted the badge ever

You don't have to worry about remaining card drops being hidden from you. If you had any, the game would show up in the list.

You can manually check by going to, where XXXX is the game's app ID.

I found a way to find what you're looking for, and should work for any game on Steam that has cards, but this seems like a bug since Space Run appears to have a badge. Anyway:

If you click on one of those games on the "Badges" page, it takes you to a full list of available cards for that game. The web address for that page looks like this:*yoursteamID*/gamecards/72850

That number is the unique game ID; in this case, 72850 is Skyrim's ID. You can get this ID from the game's Store page web address:

The ID for Space Run is 275670. Replace the number above with that number and you'll see the game cards you have, as well as the number of drops you have left:*yoursteamID*/gamecards/275670

Repeat for any game you can't see and want to check. I'd submit a support ticket to Steam as well, but I doubt you'll get very far with that...