Django Not Reflecting Updates to Javascript Files?

For me, opening Incognito Mode in Chrome let the browser show the recent changes in my .js static files.

Since you are editing JavaScript files and watching for the changes in the browser I assume you are actively developing your Django app and probably using Django's development runserver. There is a better solution than clearing the browser cache and refreshing. If you run a watcher utility that supports the livereload protocol then your browser will automatically refresh whenever you change any static file.

The django-livereload-server python package provides a spiffy solution. Install it:

$ pip install django-livereload-server

Add 'livereload.middleware.LiveReloadScript' to MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES in

Then run

$ ./ livereload

before starting the runserver.

More documentation can be found at the django-livereload-server github site

I believe your browser is caching your js

you could power refresh your browser, or clear browser cache?

on chrome control+f5 or shift + f5

i believe on firefox it is control + shift + r