Disabling routerLink with stopImmediatePropagation method

There is no solution that would lead to this markup <a routerLink="" attributeSelectorForComponent></a>.

The solution you tried won't work because stopImmediatePropagation is meant to prevent the event from bubbling, and preventDefault is meant to prevent the default browser behavior for this type of event (e.g: submit event will trigger a POST request). In either case, Angular will be notified of the event and will react accordingly.

A clean solution would have been possible if the RouterLink directive had a exportAs attribute. In that case, it would have been possible to control the RouterLink from a custom directive. Unfortunately, that is not the case (RouterLink source)

The only option left is to extend the RouterLinkWithHref directive like this:

  selector: "a[myRouterLink],area[myRouterLink]"
export class MyDirective extends RouterLinkWithHref implements OnChanges {


    private myRouter: Router,
    private myRoute: ActivatedRoute,
    private myLocationStrategy: LocationStrategy,
    private host: ElementRef
  ) {
    super(myRouter, myRoute, myLocationStrategy);

  ngOnChanges() {
    if (this.myDisabled) {
      this.host.nativeElement.setAttribute("disabled", "disabled");
      this.routerLink = null;
    } else {
      this.routerLink = this.myRouterLink;

This gives the following markup: <a myRouterLink="a" [myDisabled]="disabled"></a>

Note that for a full working solution, you would have to also extend RouterLink

You can try the demo here: https://stackblitz.com/edit/angular-p2w4ff