Disable all services, except ssh

Solution 1:

This sounds a lot like runlevels, replaced with targets in Systemd. So, instead of writing a script that starts and stop a list of services, you could create a new maintenance.target containing only the services necessary, like SSH. Of course, SSH is not quite useful without networking, so in this example a simple emergency-net.target is modified to include SSH.

Description=Maintenance Mode with Networking and SSH
Requires=maintenance.target systemd-networkd.service sshd.service
After=maintenance.target systemd-networkd.service sshd.service

Then, you could enter your maintenance mode using

# systemctl isolate maintenance.target

and back

# systemctl isolate multi-user.target

Solution 2:

First list your services and search for their corresponding systemd-names.

Then build a list and stop each list member to enter maintenance, start each member after maintenance.