Differentiating images in an asset catalog by their group


Select each folder in your asset catalog that you'd like to add a namespace for. Go to the folder attributes and select under the name "Provides Namespace". This should properly set sub-directories for your final asset catalog.

You can do this manually by editing each folder's Contents.json. You would add the following with proper formatting.

"properties" : {
      "provides-namespace" : true

Visual Instructions

(based on Xcode 10.1)

1) Select the asset catalog folder.

enter image description here

*The folder is yellow if "Provides Namespace" is false.

2) Make sure the Inspectors panel is visible

enter image description here

3) In the Inspectors panel, select the Attributes Inspector. Check the "Provides Namespace" checkbox.

enter image description here

Notice that the folder icon turns blue indicating that "Provides Namespace" is true.

enter image description here

When referencing the image in code, remember to include the namespace.

let image = UIImage(named: "Icon/Menu")