Difference between Amp script or ssjs

In everyday life, AMPScript is sufficient for most personalisation tasks, when it comes to emails and landing pages. SSJS offers a larger set of functions, which I mainly use for data integrations to external APIs.

Briefly speaking, AMPScript is for personalisation and SSJS for development/integrations. Here are some more points:

  • AMPscript simply and efficiently handles inline personalization or simple IF ELSE statements.
  • AMPscript better handles use cases, where each subscriber needs to see unique content, than SSJS.
  • AMPscript has a shorter learning curve than SSJS for users new to scripting languages in general.
  • A great deal of people already know JavaScript and can immediately apply that knowledge to Marketing Cloud
  • In general, the vast majority of users can handle the tasks they need to perform using AMPscript. Use Core library SSJS functions only to accomplish tasks on landing pages where AMPscript does not provide appropriate functions. Platform SSJS functions can handle messaging tasks as well as landing pages and applications.