Determine remote windows screen locked or unlocked remotely

I am unable to query if the workstation is LOCKED/UNLOCKED

Use the following PowerShell Script (GetRemoteLogonStatus.ps1).

This script will return the logon status of the local or a remote machine. Return types include "Not logged on", "Locked", "Logged on", and "Offline. The most useful part of this is to check whether a computer is in the locked state, although the other return types could also be useful.

This is a simple function, and can easily be included in a larger script. The return types could be changed to numbers for the calling script to more easily parse the return value.

# This function will return the logged-on status of a local or remote computer 
# Written by BigTeddy 10 September 2012 
# Version 1.0 
# Sample usage: 
# GetRemoteLogonStatus '<remoteComputerName>' 
function GetRemoteLogonStatus ($computer = 'localhost') { 
if (Test-Connection $computer -Count 2 -Quiet) { 
    try { 
        $user = $null 
        $user = gwmi -Class win32_computersystem -ComputerName $computer | select -ExpandProperty username -ErrorAction Stop 
    catch { "Not logged on"; return } 
    try { 
        if ((Get-Process logonui -ComputerName $computer -ErrorAction Stop) -and ($user)) { 
            "Workstation locked by $user" 
    catch { if ($user) { "$user logged on" } } 
else { "$computer Offline" } 

Source Get Remote Logon Status - Powershell

I forgot to update the post. Since I am using my Ubuntu box to manage most of the Active Directory functions using Webmin/BASH scripts, therefore I made a small bash script which queries for remote windows logged in user session and windows locked/unlocked status.


root@linux:/temp# /temp/ WORKSTAION-1

IP Details =

User Status = Logged in User found ... details as below ...
jahan.zaib console 13 Active 1+00:53 1/23/2017 1:57 PM
Windows Status = Windows is LOCKED

The bash script does the following …

  • Check for remote PC PING Status, if ping fails, exit with error

Get remote windows IP via NSLOOKUP using local DNS

Current Logged-in user and their status

Current status of windows either its locked/unlocked.

TRIM the results and display according to our taste

I posted it details here