Deploying VM from vmdk / vmx file

Are you using the vSphere client? If so, your key is to use the .vmx file.

Generically (without details on versions, etc.), this is accomplished by browsing the datastore, navigating to the VM's folder, right-clicking the relevant .vmx file and Adding the VM to your inventory.

From there, you should have a VM available in your datacenter (or host) inventory. That's when you'd be able to power on the virtual machine.

enter image description here


If the .vmx is no good, you can create a NEW virtual machine...

enter image description here

  • Select "Custom".
  • Configure with the requisite specifications.
  • When you get to the "Select a Disk" portion, choose "Use an existing virtual disk".
  • This will open a dialog where you can browse to the .VMDK file.
  • Complete the setup.
  • Profit.