Customizing Windows 7 alt-tab Experience

Just found this lifehacker- alt tab-tuner-makes-windows-7s-task-switcher-thumbnails-larger-and-much-more

You can even use the utility to switch back to the old XP-style Alt+Tab dialog if you were so inclined.

alt text

Similar question superuser- getting-back-the-old-alt-tab-windows-switching-behavior-in-windows-7, Shevek's answer can solve the icons issue:

  1. Hold down the left alt key
  2. Press and release the right alt key, keeping the left alt key held down
  3. Then, still keeping the left alt key held down, tab-tab-tab away to you heart's content...

Perhaps some autohotkey magic can turn Left Alt + Right Alt into just Left Alt. I bet Phoshi can help with that.

Other customizations (which may not help with your specific requests):

vistaswitcher is very customizable

alt text


alt text

iswitchw filters through a list of open windows as you type—with a semi-transparent dialog accessible by simply pressing the Caps Lock key.

alt text

The first can be solved by going to advanced system settings (Hit Windows+Pause/Break (That's Apple/Meta, to you)) and disabling "Use Aero Peek" in performance, and the latter can be changed back to normal by setting


to 1, it seems.

edit: That last one might not be true - I just set it back and the aero-style previews are refusing to return. Hmf. If you don't particularly care, you can disable desktop composition entirely - that'd definitely fix it.