Wordpress - Customize WordPress>Error Page

You're probably talking about theming wp_die(), which is the function that produces those grey error pages with a white box of text in them.

For a plugin solution, you could try this plugin, which says it does what you want. Not sure about version support though--it says it only works up to 3.1.4.

For a programatic solution, you'll want to hook into the filter "wp_die_handler". So you can do:

add_filter('wp_die_handler', 'my_die_handler');

As far as code for the my_die_handler function, you could start by looking at the default die handler -- the function is called _default_wp_die_handler, and it starts on line 2796 of the core file /wp-includes/functions.php. You can copy the whole function to your plugin file (or your theme's functions file), rename it my_die_handler, and customize it from there.

You can set up a custom die handler:

add_filter('wp_die_handler', 'get_custom_die_handler' );

function get_custom_die_handler() {
    return 'custom_die_handler';

function custom_die_handler( $message, $title="", $args = array() ) {
    echo '<html><body>';
    echo '<h1>Error:</h1>';
    echo $message; /* No escaping, to match the default behaviour */
    echo '</body></html>';

Notice that you need to create two functions: both your custom die handler, and a function that returns the name of your custom die handler.

You can look at _default_wp_die_handler for inspiration on what to put in the contents of custom_die_handler, you can find it in wp-includes/functions.php. Don't forget to call die();.


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