string to guid conversion c# code example

Example 1: how to convert string to guid c#

// string naar guid
Guid newGuid = Guid.Parse("9940548e-dadc-405f-83f9-57431685cf5d")

Example 2: c# convert string to system.guid

Guid originalGuid = Guid.NewGuid();
// Create an array of string representations of the GUID.
string[] stringGuids = { originalGuid.ToString("B"),
                         originalGuid.ToString("X") };

// Parse each string representation.
foreach (var stringGuid in stringGuids)
    if (Guid.TryParse(stringGuid, out var newGuid))
        Console.WriteLine($"Converted {stringGuid} to a Guid");
        Console.WriteLine($"Unable to convert {stringGuid} to a Guid");

// The example displays output similar to the following:
//    Converted {81a130d2-502f-4cf1-a376-63edeb000e9f} to a Guid
//    Converted 81a130d2-502f-4cf1-a376-63edeb000e9f to a Guid
//    Converted {0x81a130d2,0x502f,0x4cf1,{0xa3,0x76,0x63,0xed,0xeb,0x00,0x0e,0x9f}} to a Guid