Creating geodesic hexagonal global grid in QGIS?

The dggridR R package "builds discrete global grids which partition the surface of the Earth into hexagonal, triangular, or diamond cells, all of which have the same size."

Richard Barnes (2017). dggridR: Discrete Global Grids for R. R package version 0.1.12.

Using R in QGIS is still a pending skill, but here a tutorial:

You could take a look at AntiPrism. I've not tried this myself yet, but it looks like it can generate do various types of Geodesic grids.

There seem to be various output formats, wavefront OBJ and coordinates will be easiest to code around (The latter is a delimited XYZ from the looks of it). There's also some additional (Python) tools called AntiTile which build on AntiPrism.


Update: As of June 2018 - Uber have developed and opensourced a multi-resolution, hexagonal grid spatial indexing called H3. Link to Github