create-react-app with sass not loading styles

Styling using Sass without Ejecting

1) Install Koala

Koala is a sass, less etc.. compiler. You can use any tools of your choice for this.

2) Add your src folder

Add the source folder containing all your SCSS files to Koala. It will monitor for any modification to your Sass files and generate the compiled CSS version instantly.

3) Refer to the CSS files

Use the CSS file generated by Koala directly your project.

import './style.css';

I was stuck with the same problem reading it's documentations.

Unitl I found that the file inside the created project with create-react-app has documented it in another way and it worked. I think relying on that readme file ( that is shipped with your created project ) is better option.

I just went through this, and seems that there are lot of people lost or not finding the right answer. This is what I did:

Get control over the configuration

npm run eject

Running this command will copy all the configuration files and the transitive dependencies (Webpack, Babel, ESLint, etc) right into your project, as you noted all that was inside a npm module called react-script. Do not modify this package directly!

Install sass compiler and webpack loader

npm install sass-loader node-sass --save-dev

At this point you have to install the sass compiler and the webpack loader as development dependencies.

Modify the webpack configuration

  1. Open config\
  2. Add /\.scss$/, to the exclude array in the url loader, it will look something like this after the update:

    exclude: [
        /\.scss$/, //Add this line
  3. Add the SASS/SCSS loader:

        test: /\.scss$/,
        loaders: ['style', 'css', 'sass']