Sharepoint - Create a free sharepoint online site (office 365)

You can also create a new Enterprise 3 subscription here. As far as I know there is no limit (a colleague of mine has 5).

  • It includes Developer's Site
  • NAPA is available
  • you can connect to Visual Studio, upload solutions, etc.
  • the trial period is 30 days + 30 days extra time before you lose access to your data

If you really want to work and keep your data there, you should just pay, but if it is only for testing purposes (especially something that you're not sure and may break your tenant) then I think it is even recommended by Microsoft to use test/temporary subscriptions.

I don't know anything about a free site. I think you had use a trial period and this time is now over. You must buy, at minimum, one User licence to continue using your Site.