Counting records in JSON array using javascript and Postman

Correct your json. and try this.


var test = JSON.parse('{"value": [{"ID": 5,"Pupil": 1900031265,"Offer": false},{"ID": 8,"Pupil": 1900035302,"Offer": false,"OfferDetail": ""}] }')
test.value.length; // 2

So you need to identify the array in the json (starting with the [ bracket. and then take the key and then check the length of the key.

Here's the simplest way I figured it out:


No need to customize any of that to your variables. Just copy, paste, and adjust "18" to whatever number you're expecting.

In postman, under Tests section, do the following (screenshot below): var body = JSON.parse(responseBody); tests["Count: " + body.value.length] = true;

Here is what you should see (note: I replaced responseBody with JSON to mock up example above): enter image description here