CorruptedCacheException: Corrupted IndexBlock 298298 found in cache '/Users/macuser/.gradle/caches/journal-1/file-access.bin'

I had the same issue on a mac as well.

  1. Open your /Users/macuser/ folder
  2. Press CMD + SHIFT + . (dot/period) to view hidden folders
  3. DELETE .gradle folder
  4. Restart Android Studio

This will cause Android Studio to rebuild and re-download your .gradle folder fixing your corrupt files in the process.

NOTE* I'm looking for experienced programmers to let us know if this is safe / correct to do so! It worked for me with no errors but i'm new to this so a second opinion would be appreciated.

I'm on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) and I got this error also. I had to:

  1. go to ~/.gradle/caches/journal-1
  2. delete all the files
  3. close Android Studio

Open Android Studio and everything is fixed again. You have to restart Android Studio for the fix. it must store those files in memory or something.