Copying files from my (windows) computer to a remote system over ssh

The scp command you're trying to run is not only wrong, but won't work anyway because it presumes your laptop is running a SSH server.

To do what you want, there's a much simpler way: use WinSCP on your laptop to connect to the remote cluster (it works similarly to PuTTY), then upload the files you want -- in your case, files from C:Users\name\Desktop\AFU in your laptop to ~/SVM on the remote cluster.

On your windows machine, use the pscp command that comes with Putty.

Logging into a remote system and then expecting the remote system to find files on your local system will not work (luckily!).

From putty's homepage I believe you can download pscp which is a windows scp command application. It works as scp but from the windows side. So, something like this in a cmd windows on the Windows machine:

pscp -r C:/Users/<username>/Desktop/AFU username@linuxhost:~/SVM

Taken from the head, but something like that.



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