Copy SSH Public Key from Windows to Ubuntu

Any ideas on what to do?

1. EDIT Download cmder or use your favorite console emulator. Move your public key ( and your private key (id_rsa) to C:\Users\yourUserName\.ssh\ create the .ssh folder if needed.

2. On your windows host via cmder:

cp C:\Users\yourUserName\.ssh\ C:\Users\yourUserName\authorized_keys

3. On your ubuntu host:

service ssh status Start sshd if necessary

mkdir ~/.ssh/ (if it doesn't already exist)

4. On your Windows host via cmder:

cd C:\Users\yourUserName\

scp authorized_keys login-id@ubuntu-Host-Ip:~/.ssh

5. On your Ubuntu host:

chmod 700 ~/.ssh

chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

6. On your Windows host via cmder:

Test if you can ssh into your ubuntu host without login/pw auth. If yes:

rm C:\Users\yourUserName\authorized_keys

(you might encounter difficulties running your ssh-agent on windows, write a comment if so)

Do this on your Windows

  1. Give default values without passphrase, just press enter for all

     ssh-keygen -t rsa
  2. If the authorized_keys file is not there in target Linux machine else just copy the Windows ~/.ssh/ content to authorized_keys file in target machine

     scp ~/.ssh/ [linux_user]@[linux_IP/linux_hostname]:~/.ssh/authorized_keys

That's it!!!