cookiecutter command not found after installing with pip

You can also run that with

python -m cookiecutter

I'm sorry but it appears you're mixing things up.

  1. Because sudo apt-get install cookiecutter installs something called cookiecutter doesn't mean it is the same cookiecutter from pip. In fact, they have nothing in common. One is a cookie cutter for python, and the other is for django.
  2. This is the cookiecutter on launchpad, the one you installed with apt-get:
  3. And this is what you're looking for:

So back to your question:

If you wish to save yourself some headache, even if you're working within a Virtualbox, there's nothing wrong setting up a VirtualEnv to handle the encapsulation of your projects.

I just, from the understanding of your question, replicated, and got everything working in seconds.

  • mkvirtualenv myProject (assuming you have virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper installed, added to ~/.bashrc and bash restarted, either restarting terminal gui, or souce ~/.bashrc
  • workon myProject
  • Then within the (myProject) $~ prompt, proceed with your installations, namely:
  • sudo apt install python-pip
  • pip install cookiecutter
  • Then proceed as normal, cookiecutter

Unless you plan to spin up Ubuntu virtualbox instances for each Django project you wish to start, I will recommend you use virtualenv to keep things clean.