converting epub files to PDF format

You definitely want Calibre. You can use it to convert virtually any file type to any other file type, as long as the source file doesn't have DRM (like Amazon, Adobe, etc.). If it does have DRM, check out Apprentice Alf's blog for help stripping it out with Calibre plugins. Don't use the DRM stripper to pirate books or otherwise violate your agreement with the vendor. Use it so you can enjoy your books on any device in any format.

Calibre is also an awesome e-book management program that can do virtually everything. It can manage Kindles, Android phones/tablets, etc. It can even email your books with one click to your Kindle's email address if you want. You won't be disappointed :-)

From a terminal:

sudo apt-get install calibre

Or search for it in Ubuntu Software Center

To actually convert the EPUB file you can use the following command:

ebook-convert file.epub file.pdf (For details, check this other answer)

Or you can check the details for the conversion dialog using the Calibre GUI.

  1. Install Calibre with sudo apt install calibre from the default Ubuntu repositories.
  2. Open Calibre and click on the Add books icon in the Calibre menu. A file selection window will open up.
  3. Browse to the epub file(s) that you want to add, and select one or more epub files to add to Calibre.
  4. Select one or more epub files from the Calibre library in the center pane. Or type formats:"=EPUB" in the search box to search for only EPUB format files and select one or more epub files from the filtered library list in the center pane. Click on the Convert books icon in the Calibre menu.
  5. A new Convert window will open up. In the Convert Window for the Input format select EPUB. For the Output format select PDF. Click the OK button to start converting the file(s).
  6. To find your PDF files, click on a file that you converted to PDF. In the pane on the right-hand side of Calibre you will see an entry called Path: Click to open. Click on the link for "Click to open" to open a new file browser window at the directory of the PDF file.

epub to pdf converter

Before trying calibre, I actually converted my file using the above program, a command line epub to pdf converter that is actually good with some handy options.


1) unzip the file into a convenient location, and change to the unzipped folder in terminal

2) make the .sh file executable

 chmod +x ./ 

3) run the file

 ./ <path-to-epub-file>

The default output directory is home folder, but a lot of customization is available through a properties file where it can be changed.

Though the program hasn't been updated for a while, it works really good and I thought it might be an option for people to try out for converting their epub to pdf.