Convert PowerShell script to exe

An update to PS2EXE tool (all versions are open-source):

The original script comes from Ingo Karstein, but the development seems to have halted in 2017. You can find his blog here, and his contribution on Microsoft Technet's forums here.

Markus Scholtes has continued the script's development, adding some useful features. You can find his post on Microsoft Technet here, and github repository here.

Powershelling's answer point you to a fork of Markus' project by Stuart Dootson (here and here), which is less maintained. The obvious difference would be the "Added support for scripts that require elevation. This inserts a suitable manifest into the executable produced by the tool. that .exe files built with his version of the script require elevation".

I'd recommend checking out Markus Scholtes' version, but beware (!) ( on 3rd Nov 2020):

Attention: Incorrect virus detection of PS2EXE

Some stupid idiot seems to have abused PS2EXE to compile his computer virus script. As a result, a rapidly growing number of virus scanners recognize programs created with PS2EXE as malicious programs and delete them.

There is only one hope to save the PS2EXE project: Please send your (harmless) programs created with PS2EXE via the web forms from the virus scanners' vendors for reporting false positives (I've already done it with some of them, please use only the false positive page)!

If this is not successful, then I will have to quit PS2EXE as nobody can use it anymore.

Thank you for your support

You have a few paid and unpaid solutions. I agree with last answer, do not use online tools unless you are sure they are not keeping your code and you trust them.

There are two free ones that come to mind:


PS1 To EXE by F2KO (Make sure t it is the local install command line interface, not the web one)

The Paid ones are:

PowerShell Studio

ISE Steroids 2.0 Enterprise

Noted: I think the free ones should be fine for most uses. I do like PowerShell Studio though.

Use PS2EXE instead of this online tool that forces you to upload your script and creates a security breach if you have confidential information inside your script.

There is a GUI mode available; to learn more, see the GitHub repository.