Convert .json to ipynb

On the Mac you could go and

  1. Right click on the filename.ipynb.json
  2. Click on Get Info from the list.
  3. From the Get Info window, find the section Name&Extension remove the extension/suffix .json from the file name.

Hope that helps!

My Solution: just remove the filename extension .json. for example, change myfile.ipynb.json to myfile.ipynb. Then, you can open it by a click in jupyter notebook !

I have encounter the same problem as you did. I found a link that describe what ipynb exactly is. see here It says ipynb file is actually json file. Hope this

Are you trying download this from Github? Especially on Google Chrome browsers, I've had issues download .ipynb files using right click > Save link as... I'm not sure if other browsers have this issue (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.).

This causes issues since when downloading, it doesn't completely download the file usually and it becomes corrupted so you can't download an IPython notebook that may run properly. One trick when trying to download .ipynb files on Github is to click it, click Raw, then copy everything (Ctrl + A) and paste it into a blank file (using text editors such as Notepad, Notepad++, Vim, etc.) and save it as "whatever_file_name_you_choose.ipynb". Then you should be able to properly run this file, assuming a non-corrupted file was uploaded to Github.

A lot of people with very large, complicated IPython notebooks on Github will inevitably run into this issue when simply trying to download with Save link as.... Hopefully this helps!