Connecting with Samba to a Windows Share returns "NT_STATUS_DUPLICATE_NAME"

Solution 1:

The NetBIOS name of the windows machine is something different

That's your problem. It's easily fixed by a registry hack on the Windows machine. See for the details.


The original support article linked above has disappeared (thanks Microsoft). The new article is SMB file server share access is unsuccessful through DNS CNAME alias.

Joril also points out that a server can have multiple NetBIOS names. This is done by editing the registry key:


and adding the extra names.

Solution 2:

You're probably getting that error because the Windows machine doesn't understand itself to be identified as what you're connecting to it as. (Using a wrong auth information changes the error because this issue doesn't crop up until later in the connection process.)

Try connecting to it as its IP number, not windows-machine. If that works, it confirms that the name thing is what's going on, and you can resolve it either by making the PDC understand itself to be windows-machine or by just using the IP number.

Solution 3:

You should use the "-m" flag to specify the max protocol version you'll be using. By default it's "NT1", here from the smbclient's man page:

-m|--max-protocol protocol
    This allows the user to select the highest SMB protocol level that
    smbclient will use to connect to the server. By default this is set
    to NT1, which is the highest available SMB1 protocol. To connect
    using SMB2 or SMB3 protocol, use the strings SMB2 or SMB3
    respectively. Note that to connect to a Windows 2012 server with
    encrypted transport selecting a max-protocol of SMB3 is required.

I suspect the "NT1" version to rely on netbios things, unlike SMB2 and next.

So try again with "-m SMB3" or "-m SMB2", you also benefit a lot in performance as well.

Solution 4:

you can use the -I option and provide the ip address.

smbclient -U username -W workgroup -L //windows-machine  -I <machine-ipaddr>