Composite Factorization

Jelly, 12 bytes


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How it works

»0Æf×Ṫ$-¦×2/  Main link. Argument: n

»0            Take the maximum of n and 0.
              Jelly's prime factorization does weird things for negative numbers.
  Æf          Take the prime factorization of the maximum.
        ¦     Conditional application:
    ×Ṫ$         Pop the last element of the array and and multiply all elements
                of the remaining array with it.
       -        Replace the element at index -1 with the corresponding element in
                the result.
              This effectively multiplies the last two elements of the array.
         ×2/  Multiply the factors in non-overlapping pairs. If the last element
              does not have a partner, leave it unmodified.