Completion in IPython (jupyter) does now work (unexpected keyword argument 'column')

The from @techno1731 is sub-optimal because it just disables jedi rather than fixing the underlying issue.

The latest jedi (0.18) release is incompatible with IPython 7.19 see this discussion. IPython: 7.20 (released Feb 1st 2020) and 8.0 (not yet released) have a compatibility fix.

The correct workaround at this time is to upgrade IPython:

pip install -U ipython==7.20

In future you can search for the final two lines of the trackback after removing all path fragments specific to your installation, this is searching for:

     super().__init__(code, environment=environment,
TypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'column'

This will give you the relevant issues on GitHub in the first two Google result as for today.

Note: this is a copy of my answer from Giant IPKernelApp Error Using Hydrogen in Atom question which indeed can appear unrelated given the Hydrogen/Atom setting. I will now vote to close all other questions on the topic as duplicate of this one.

I encontered the same issue some time ago with Jupyterlab when working locally on my machine with virtual environments.

This is a problem with Jedi being too slow (or rather taking forever) to load the completion, what worked for me was to add the follwing line at the top of the notebook (for example where you typically do the imports):

# Jedi not working
%config Completer.use_jedi = False

This should do the trick.