commenting in visual studio code code example

Example 1: how to comment selection in visual studio

In Visual Studio: Ctrl+K+C will comment, Ctrl+K+U Will uncomment

Example 2: comment out code visual studio


Example 3: how to uncomment in vscode block

shift+alt+A //Toggles comments in VScode.

//Note : You need to select only the text you wish to uncomment when uncommenting
//That is, do not select the "/*" or the "*/"

Example 4: commenting in vscode

//To comment a block of code in one go, try Ctrl + K, and the Ctrl + C to
//comment or Ctrl + U to uncomment.

//Pro-Tip: You can also do it without unpressing Ctrl.

Example 5: how to set section of code in comment visual studio

Comment Code Block Ctrl+K+C
undo Comment Code Block Ctrl+K+U