Command 01_migrate failed on Amazon Linux 2 AMI

The answer from @nick-brady is great, and it provides the basic solution.

However, the AWS docs on migrating to Amazon Linux 2 suggest that we should do things like this using .platform hooks:

We recommend using platform hooks to run custom code on your environment instances. You can still use commands and container commands in .ebextensions configuration files, but they aren't as easy to work with. For example, writing command scripts inside a YAML file can be cumbersome and difficult to test.

and from the AWS Knowledge Center:

... it's a best practice to use platform hooks instead of providing files and commands in .ebextension configuration files.

As a bonus, output from the platform hooks is collected in a separate log file (/var/log/eb-hooks.log), which is included in bundle and tail logs by default. This makes debugging a bit easier.

The basic idea is to create a shell script in your application source bundle, e.g. .platform/hooks/postdeploy/ This is described in more detail in the platform hooks section in the docs for extending EB linux platforms.

The file must be executable, so: chmod +x .platform/hooks/postdeploy/

The file content could look like this (based on @nick-brady's answer):


source "$PYTHONPATH/activate" && {
# log which migrations have already been applied
python showmigrations;
# migrate
python migrate --noinput;

You can do the same with collectstatic etc.

Note that the path to the Python virtual environment is available to platform hooks as the environment variable PYTHONPATH. You can verify this by inspecting the file /opt/elasticbeanstalk/deployment/env on your instance, e.g. via ssh. Also see AWS knowledge center.

For those wondering, the && in the shell script is a kind of conditional execution: only do the following if the preceding succeeded. See e.g. here.

Leader only

During deployment, there should be an EB_IS_COMMAND_LEADER environment variable, which can be tested in order to implement leader_only behavior in .platform hooks (based on this post):


if [[ $EB_IS_COMMAND_LEADER == "true" ]];
  python migrate --noinput;
  python collectstatic --noinput;
  echo "this instance is NOT the leader";


Amazon Linux 2 has a fundamentally different setup than AL1, and the current documentation as of Jul 24, 2020 is out of date. django-admin of the installed environment by beanstalk does not appear to be on the path, so you can source the environment to activate and make sure it is.

I left my answer here as well which goes into much more detail in how I arrived at this answer, but the solution (which I don't love) is:

        command: "source /var/app/venv/*/bin/activate && python3 migrate"
        leader_only: true

Even though I don't love it, I have verified with AWS Support that this is in fact the recommended way to do this. You must source the python environment, as with AL2 they use virtual environments in an effort to stay more consistent.