Clear Xfce4 session

This question is answered in Xfce wiki, subsection Some of my applications are always started when I login:

There are two possible reasons why the application is started: It is saved in the last session or it is listed in the auto started applications. Follow 1 of the two steps below to get rid of the applications.

  • Start the xfce4-autostart-editor and remove the application(s). You can also manually delete those files in ~/Desktop/Autostart and ~/.config/autostart.

  • Most of the time closing all the applications and save your session when you logout is sufficient. If this doesn't work, remove the content of the ~/.cache/sessions/ directory when you're not logged in. And if you don't want xfce remember every session you should turn off (uncheck) “Automatically save session on logout” in Settings Manager → Sessions and Startup (tab General)

Run this:

rm -fr ~/.cache/sessions/*

and Xfce should starts cleanly.

Also, you might need to clear the entire .cache directory if the above doesn't fix the issues:

rm -fr ~/.cache

Using the GUI seems to work as it should, at least in my version of Xfce (4.10).

In Xfce Menu go to 'Session and Startup'

enter image description here

And there, under Sesion/'Clear saved sessions':

enter image description here