Check date between two other dates spring data jpa

I did use following solution to this:

findAllByStartDateLessThanEqualAndEndDateGreaterThanEqual(OffsetDateTime endDate, OffsetDateTime startDate);

You can also write a custom query using @Query

@Query(value = "from EntityClassTable t where yourDate BETWEEN :startDate AND :endDate")
public List<EntityClassTable> getAllBetweenDates(@Param("startDate")Date startDate,@Param("endDate")Date endDate);

Edit: For LocalDateTime I just tried this solution for filtering record based on date and type in spring JPA:

Page<MyEntity> findMyEntityByEntityDateBetweenAndType(
            @Param("startDate") LocalDateTime startDate,
            @Param("endDate") LocalDateTime endDate, @Param("type") String type, Pageable pageable);

Here EntityDate can be like CreatedDate,ModifiedDate etc.

Maybe you could try

List<Article> findAllByPublicationDate(Date publicationDate);

The detail could be checked in this article:

You should take a look the reference documentation. It's well explained.

In your case, I think you cannot use between because you need to pass two parameters

Between - findByStartDateBetween … where x.startDate between ?1 and ?2

In your case take a look to use a combination of LessThan or LessThanEqual with GreaterThan or GreaterThanEqual

  • LessThan/LessThanEqual

LessThan - findByEndLessThan … where x.start< ?1

LessThanEqual findByEndLessThanEqual … where x.start <= ?1

  • GreaterThan/GreaterThanEqual

GreaterThan - findByStartGreaterThan … where x.end> ?1

GreaterThanEqual - findByStartGreaterThanEqual … where x.end>= ?1

You can use the operator And and Or to combine both.