Change color of "tab header" in ttk.Notebook

I had been using Oblivion's answer for some time, but I encountered an issue where the open/save dialog button outlines disappeared and Checkbuttons in Text widgets never appeared to be checked (even when they were checked). So, I translated the theme code into some style configuration and such to solve the problem (it solved it). This will let you change the tab bar color, the tab background/foreground and the active tab background/foreground. Plus, it won't cause issues with the rest of your chosen theme. It's essentially the same code from the theme translated over. So, really, Oblivion deserves most of the credit.

Style().configure("TNotebook", background=myTabBarColor);
Style().map("TNotebook.Tab", background=[("selected", myActiveTabBackgroundColor)], foreground=[("selected", myActiveTabForegroundColor)]);
Style().configure("TNotebook.Tab", background=myTabBackgroundColor, foreground=myTabForegroundColor);

Edit: Apparently, this solution doesn't work in Windows. I tested it in Linux (a number of versions of Xubuntu).

You can try creating a custom theme.

import tkinter as tk
from tkinter import ttk

root = tk.Tk()

mygreen = "#d2ffd2"
myred = "#dd0202"

style = ttk.Style()

style.theme_create( "yummy", parent="alt", settings={
        "TNotebook": {"configure": {"tabmargins": [2, 5, 2, 0] } },
        "TNotebook.Tab": {
            "configure": {"padding": [5, 1], "background": mygreen },
            "map":       {"background": [("selected", myred)],
                          "expand": [("selected", [1, 1, 1, 0])] } } } )


note = ttk.Notebook(root)
f1 = ttk.Frame(note, width=300, height=200)
note.add(f1, text = 'First')
f2 = ttk.Frame(note, width=300, height=200)
note.add(f2, text = 'Second')
note.pack(expand=1, fill='both', padx=5, pady=5)

tk.Button(root, text='yummy!').pack(fill='x')



The most detailed ttk documentation is from the tcl/tk world


For some useful python-based examples, you can grab the pyttk-samples package from