Android - Cannot connect my Nexus 5X to Windows 10 PC

Okay I finally found something which helped me.

The Media Feature Pack for Windows 10 N & KN (all editions) alias KB-3010081 is for the first version of Windows 10.

But for the Windows 10 with the big update we had a few time ago, there is an update which supersedes the KB-3010081. This is the KB-3099229 :
Download :

After all my attempts to resolve my problem, this is the thing which did it for me.

I Hope it will helps.

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This worked for me (without having to download the media feature pack).

On your phone (after connecting to PC):

  1. Open the notifications bar.
  2. Tap USB connection notification (USB for charging)
  3. Select PTP-option (this one worked for me at least)
  4. Done! You can now open your phone on your pc.