Can't mount nfs volume - time out

Solution 1:

So, NFS is weird in the it relys on portmapper to be running, so it can map a specific port to an RPC port. (I guess it's not weird. It's just the way it works.) If NFS is up before portmapper, NFS doesn't know how to route requests, because it checks portmapper for this at the start of the process. If portmapper is not up before NFS, NFS doesn't know how to map port to rpc.

Here's more documentation about the process (even though its for CentOS, it's still relevant):

As for your new error message, reboot the box you're mounting with and remount to see if the error comes back.

Solution 2:

tcpdump -i $LAN_IF -n host

should show you which of the NFS components fails.

Solution 3:

to summarize the solution from given answers, following steps below directed me to the right direction to fixing NFS mount issue without restating the box.

  1. run a tcpdump in client side to the NFS server IP address (assuming it's

    tcpdump -i <replace-with-correct-INTERFACE_name -n host
  2. keep running tcpdump and try mounting the NFS share path.

  3. lookup for the ports NFS is communicating with the server to mounting the path (in your case [tcpdump result in edit revision], shows those are ports: 880, 2049 only).

  4. do telnet on NFS server IP and all the ports you got from tcpdump output in step3 and make sure you have telnet and ports are open from server side to client (for your case, only below two ports found).

    telnet 880
    telnet 2049
  5. if you don't have telnet on any of those ports captured in step3, you need to open those ports at netwrok level (server side and/or firewall if you have)

  6. try to mount the NFS again now.