Can PXE boot of Hyper-V VMs be disabled?

Use Powershell to Remove Network Boot Devices from the Boot Order

You can use PowerShell to strip the Network BootTypes from the VMs boot order.

Extract the Current Boot Order

Using Powershell you can use this command to extract the current boot order:

$old_boot_order = Get-VMFirmware -VMName testvm -ComputerName MyHyperVHost `
                  | Select-Object -ExpandProperty BootOrder

If you inspect $old_boot_order You should see the list of boot devices for testvm. Something like this:

enter image description here

Strip the Network Boot Devices

You can strip the boot devices from the boot list with the Network BootType using this command:

$new_boot_order = $old_boot_order | Where-Object { $_.BootType -ne "Network" }

Inspecting $new_boot_order should look something like this with no more Network boot devices:

enter image description here

Set the New Boot Order

To set the new boot order for the VM use this command:

Set-VMFirmware -VMName testvm -ComputerName MyHyperVHost -BootOrder $new_boot_order

Confirm the New Boot Order

To confirm what you did use that first Get-VMFirmware command again:

Get-VMFirmware -VMName testvm -ComputerName MyHyperVHost `
| Select-Object -ExpandProperty BootOrder

Beware: If you use both PowerShell and Hyper-V manager to make changes to the boot order, PowerShell may report erroneous (out-of-date) boot order. See also this technet thread.