Can Puppet File Source be from a web service?

Solution 1:

I'm writing an updated answer to notify future readers that now the File resource indeed implements the HTTP source.

From the docs:


A source file, which will be copied into place on the local system. This attribute is mutually exclusive with content and target. Allowed values are:

  • puppet: URIs, which point to files in modules or Puppet file server mount points.
  • Fully qualified paths to locally available files (including files on NFS shares or Windows mapped drives).
  • file: URIs, which behave the same as local file paths.
  • http: URIs, which point to files served by common web servers

So you can use the construct as you wrote it:

file { "/home/text.txt":
  source => "",

Solution 2:

It's been requested as a feature for years... But you'd end up needing a custom function for this... or to use curl or wget. See Puppet Forge.

What's in text.txt?

Solution 3:

It's not possible out of the box right now:



The available URI schemes are puppet and file. Puppet URIs will retrieve files from Puppet’s built-in file server

I ended up using define I found on the internet:

define remote_file($remote_location=undef, $mode='0644'){
  exec{ "retrieve_${title}":
    command => "/usr/bin/wget -q ${remote_location} -O ${title}",
    creates => $title,

    mode    => $mode,
    require => Exec["retrieve_${title}"],

  remote_location => ''