Can I make Excel beep when a calculation is finished?

OK, something to try (instructions assume Excel 2007 or newer):

  • Open your workbook.
  • Save it as a macro-enabled SS (.XLSM).
  • Hit Alt-F11 to open the VBA coding window.
  • Right-click VBAProject (yourbook.xlsm), and pick Insert → Module.
  • Open the newly created "Module1".
  • In the module paste this snippet:

    Sub Auto_Open()
        Application.OnKey "{F9}", "F9Handler"
    End Sub

    This will cause the F9 key to be reassigned each time the SS is opened. When you hit F9 it will run F9Handler instead of the usual calculate.

  • In the module, paste this snippet:

    Sub F9Handler()
    End Sub

    This is what will now be run when you hit F9. The first line runs the Application.Calculate (which is what F9 usually performs), and then Beeps.

  • Save up everything.

  • Close Excel.
  • (Re)Open the XLSM you made.
  • Profit. :)

Note: You'll probably have to enable macros and/or make the document a "trusted" document to ensure the macro(s) run as expected.

More info:

  • Auto_Open
  • Application.Calculate Method (Excel)
  • Beep Function

Just as the others mentioned, use the beep command in Visual Basic (VB):

Function beepNow()
End Function

To get VB coding, you need to get the Developer tab available (see: Getting Developer tab visible)

So when you have a change in a cell or condition, it will beep. Example macro to call the VBS code above: =IF(C2<>C3,beepNow(),"")