Can a PWA app be published to app store and play store

You could use Capacitor to create a native App.

It is newer than Cordova.

Here you can see the Stackoverflow TagTrend: Capacitor vs Cordova

Capacitor vs Cordova

... or wait some month. Sooner or later you will get PWAs into the Apple Store. I don't think they are able to stop this process.

While it is possible in both cases, publishing a PWA on the Apple Store is an incredible difficult journey, because Apple engineers try to build obstacles all the way long. This is by decision as Apple is making profits from its app store and PWAs would indeed subtract some of these gains. This is also the reason why Safari, as browser, is incredibly behind the other competitors in supporting PWAs APIs (PUSH API for example, as they promote their Apple Push Notification Service (APNs)).

Long story short, I would concentrate on Google Play Store, where you can publish a PWA after having wrapped it into a Trusted Web Activity (TWA), allowing Chrome (v72 or later) to run a website in fullscreen mode without a browser toolbar within an APK (Android Package). You can find further details in this tutorial to publish a PWA on the play store.