Chemistry - Can 99% isopropyl alcohol be stored in a clear container?

Solution 1:

I would not expect that isopropanol would evaporate appreciably from a properly sealed container. Rather the main purpose of storing isopropanol out of light is to prevent peroxide formation. Isopropanol can form peroxides and when distilled they can concentrate and explode. A clear container allows more light to pass and thus more peroxides to form.

Solution 2:

I am no expert, but I have some experience dealing with solvents such as isoproponal in a research setting. Normally in a lab solvents are not stored in the open, exposed to light, for the exact reason that you mentioned- speedier evaporation. Hence, even if you were to store it in a clear container, I would make sure to cap it and stow it away in a dark place as soon as you are finished with it.

Solution 3:

I think that what you’re talking about with the clear container problem is hydrogen peroxide, which is stored in brown containers because light causes oxidation to occur which causes decomposition of the hydrogen peroxide into water. Rubbing alcohol does not have this problem with the light.