Camel case and Pascal case mistake

To remember camel case you have to think about the shape of the capital letters. They are like the humps of a camel as you can see in this image.

Pascal Casing - capitalizes each word:


Camel Casing - is similiar to pascal case but the first word is not capitalized:


You can read some history here

UPDATE: Change the camel case image after reading the comments.

Pascal is a persons name... a persons name always starts capitalized, whereas 'camel' is just a noun and thus, unless the start of a sentence, is always lowercased.

camel case - first letter of first word lower case, and first letter of every word, after that should be Upper Case.


  • camelCase
  • camelCaseLetter

pascal case - first letter of every word should be upper case.


  • PascalCase
  • PascalCaseLetter