Call function only after multiple states have completed updating

So, there are some issues with your implementations:

  1. Using non-state variables to update the state in your useEffect:

Explanation: In displayConversionTo when you run the loop to push elements in convertToUnitsArray, and then set the state dialogStage to convertTo, you should be facing the issue that the updated values are not being rendered, as the change in state triggers a re-render and the convertToUnitsArray is reset to an empty array because of the line:

let convertToUnitsArray = [];

thus when your useEffect runs that is supposed to update the dialogUnits to convertToUnitsArray, it should actually set the dialogueUnits to an empty array, thus in any case the updated units should not be visible on click of the initial units list.

useEffect(() => {
  if (dialogStage == "convertTo") {
    // as your convertToUnitsArray is an empty array
    // your dialogue units should be set to an empty array.
}, [dalogStage]);
  1. You are trying to store an array of react components in the state which is not advisable:

Also, refer

Solution: What you can do is try to save your data in a state, and then render the components using that state, I have created a code sandbox example how this should look for your application. I have also made some changes for this example to work correctly.