Call another click command from a click command

When you call add_name() and add_surname() directly from another function, you actually call the decorated versions of them so the arguments expected may not be as you defined them (see the answers to How to strip decorators from a function in python for some details on why).

I would suggest modifying your implementation so that you keep the original functions undecorated and create thin click-specific wrappers for them, for example:

def add_name(content, to_stdout=False):
    if not content:
        content = ''.join(sys.stdin.readlines())
    result = content + "\n\tadded name"
    if to_stdout is True:
    return result

@click.argument('content', required=False)
@click.option('--to_stdout', default=True)
def add_name_command(content, to_stdout=False):
    return add_name(content, to_stdout)

You can then either call these functions directly or invoke them via a CLI wrapper script created by

This might seem redundant but in fact is probably the right way to do it: one function represents your business logic, the other (the click command) is a "controller" exposing this logic via command line (there could be, for the sake of example, also a function exposing the same logic via a Web service for example).

In fact, I would even advise to put them in separate Python modules - Your "core" logic and a click-specific implementation which could be replaced for any other interface if needed.

I found these solutions more complicated. I wanted this function below to be called from another place in another package:

@click.command(help='Clean up')
@click.argument('path', nargs=1, default='def')
@click.option('--info', '-i', is_flag=True,
              help='some info1')
@click.option('--total', '-t', is_flag=True,
              help='some info2')
def clean(path, info, total):
#some definition, some actions

#this function will help us
def get_function(function_name):
if function_name == 'clean':
    return clean

I have another package, so, I would like click command above in this pack

import somepackage1 #here is clean up click command
from click.testing import CliRunner

@click.argument('args', nargs=-1)
def check(ctx, args):
    runner = CliRunner()

    if len(args[0]) == 0:
        logger.error('Put name of a command')

    if len(args) > 0:
        result = runner.invoke(somepackage1.get_function(args[0]), args[1:])
        result = runner.invoke(somepackage1.get_function(args[0]))

So, it works.

python somepackage2 check clean params1 --info

Due to the click decorators the functions can no longer be called just by specifying the arguments. The Context class is your friend here, specifically:

  1. Context.invoke() - invokes another command with the arguments you supply
  2. Context.forward() - fills in the arguments from the current command

So your code for add_name_and_surname should look like:

@click.argument('content', required=False)
@click.option('--to_stdout', default=False)
def add_name_and_surname(ctx, content, to_stdout=False):
    result = ctx.invoke(add_surname, content=ctx.forward(add_name))
    if to_stdout is True:
    return result