Calculating percentage of number with Tensorflow

In the print statements you get,

<tf.Tensor 'Mul_4:0' shape=() dtype=int32>

And other such statements. This is because Python is printing out the Tensor Objects and not their values. There are two methods to solve this .

  1. Enable eager execution.

    import tensorflow as tf

This will enable eager mode and you will get values of the tensors instead of the Tensor objects. This initializes the tensors immediately as they are declared ( and hence eager ).

  1. Using tf.Session() A tf.Session() objects runs and evaluates tensors in the graph. It runs on graph mode and not eager mode.

    with tf.Session as session:
        print( div ) )

Try this it will certainly help:

>>> import tensorflow as tf
>>> a = tf.placeholder(tf.float32)
>>> b = tf.placeholder(tf.float32)
>>> sess = tf.Session()
>>> percentage = tf.divide(tf.multiply(a,100),b)
>>> sess.close()

You can refer to simple example:
Hope this helps.